Send Us a Video & Get $50 Worth of Free Qhemet Products! 

To participate: 

Shoot a short, 15-45 second product review video in which you appear, and:  

1. Show the Qhemet product(s) you love.

2. Tell us what it does for your hair and why you love it.

3. Send the video to and put 'QB Video' in the subject line of the email.

4. If your video is approved, we'll send you a $50 off discount code! 

Video Guidelines:

* Video should be shot in bright or daytime light.

* Video should show your hair (loose/braids/twists/locs, etc.), you should not be wearing a hat, bonnet or wig.

* Do not show or mention products by other brands.

* Wear solid colored, tasteful clothing, not too revealing and/or overtly distracting.

* Video cannot include music or background noise.

* Video background should not be cluttered.

* Please ensure that other people (unless they're participating in the product review) or pets are not in the frame or background. 

* If using your phone or laptop to shoot, it must not be visible (i.e. in a mirror reflection, etc.).

* Refrain from showing 3rd party logos (i.e., Nike, Starbucks, etc.) or licensed merchandise.

* Videos cannot contain watermarks or personal tags. 

* Do not use any filters when saving your video.

* Do not add graphics to your video.

* Video should be recorded in English and should not contain profanity or offensive language.

Technical Requirements:

* Video specs should be 1080HD, 1:1 aspect ratio, MP4 format.

* Video should be 15-45 seconds long.

* The maximum file size is 650MB.

* Videos should have a minimum frame rate of 30 FPS (frames per second) and minimum resolution of 720 pixels.

Terms & Conditions: If your video is approved, you will receive an acceptance email containing your $50 off discount code within 7-14 business days after receipt. This offer will end once we receive an adequate number of videos. Videos submitted after this offer ends will not be eligible to receive the discount. If your video is not accepted, we will not send you a discount code and we will not use your video. This discount code cannot be combined with other discount codes. This discount code must be applied to a single order and cannot be split across separate orders or multiple shipping addresses. To use this discount code to place an order, you must submit the code into the coupon field at checkout and click 'apply.' This discount code will automatically deduct $50 from your order subtotal. This is a one time, one person use discount code. Shipping is restricted to US addresses only. The discount code can only be used to purchase products through This discount code is valid for 1 year and will expire on April 4, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. Do not share this discount code with others.

Usage Rights: By submitting your video for our use, you are granting Qhemet Biologics global, universal, irrevocable and unrestricted usage rights to its content in perpetuity.