Clean Deodorants are Better!

By Qhemet Biologics

A few decades ago, it was thought that the the worst thing about deodorant was the white, chalky smears it left on your underarms and clothes.

Then came some disturbing concerns about aluminum-based standard deodorants that linked them to a host of maladies like cancer, hormone disruption and Alzheimer’s disease.

Although science has yet to draw final conclusions about the safety of aluminum-based deodorants, the good news is, today, there are effective natural deodorant alternatives that don't include aluminum or other potentially harmful substances.

But just how do these natural deodorants work if they don’t use aluminum? And are there any other benefits to using them?

How natural deodorants work & why you should switch to one.

You know what's in natural deodorant.

The aluminum in aluminum-based deodorants is there to block your pores so that sweat droplets can't flow out as freely and combine with the bacteria that lives on your skin to produce the distinctive smell of body odor.

Clean deodorants use plant-based and non-toxic compounds to block and absorb the sweat, such as vegetable oils and cornstarch. These are familiar components that many people use in their daily lives - you probably have both sitting in your kitchen right now. This is one of major appeals of clean deodorant: it's based on simple components that the average person knows, recognizes, and understands.

Clean deodorant isn't as harsh.

Many people who use standard deodorants find that it produces tingling, burning, and itching sensations on their skin. This could be due to the aluminum or to any number of other highly processed chemical ingredients in them.

Clean deodorant possesses far fewer irritating agents which results is a softer, gentler product that doesn't inflame or irritate your delicate underarms.

Natural deodorant won't stain your clothes.

Those chalky white stains that clump under your arms and ruin your favorite clothes? Those aren't a problem with clean deodorants. Because they don't contain aluminum, which reacts with your sweat to create those telltale marks, natural deodorants are subtle, discreet, and won't leave a trail on your clothes.

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