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Our high porosity hair care system will keep your extra dry, thick and/or coarse type 4 hair moisturized and manageable all day long, without the need to constantly reapply products!

Shampoo: Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea
Condition & Detangle: Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
Maximum Moisture: Amla & Olive Heavy Cream
Moisture Booster: Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm

Optional complementary products for high porosity hair:
Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter – softens, smooths and provides a flexible hold
Castor & Moringa Softening Serum – acts as a finishing oil to soften & lock in moisture
Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade – nourishes scalp, encourages growth & softens hair
Tea Tree & Lavender Therapeutic Pomade – helps alleviate itchy, flaky & tender scalp
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Amla & Olive Heavy Cream Amla & Olive Heavy Cream
Our Price: $21.00
In Stock
Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm
Our Price: $16.00
In Stock
Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea
Our Price: $16.00
In Stock
Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
Our Price: $22.00
In Stock

Natural Products for Highly Porous Hair

Your porous hair readily lets moisture in, but just as quickly allows it to leave again. That’s why, no matter how many moisturizers you add, your hair seems perpetually thirsty. If your hair is prone to breakage and feels extra dry, thick and/or coarse, we invite you to try our revolutionary high- porosity hair care system. Replacing your existing products with these will ensure your type 4 hair stays moisturized and manageable all day, without the need to constantly reapply products!