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Is Shea Butter Good for Hair?

Shea butter has long been used for its moisturizing benefits, especially among natural hair wearers who struggle with adequate hydration and frequent breakage. We often hear shea butter touted for its healing and nourishing benefits, but is shea butter really right for your hair? We've eliminated a variety of ingredients from our products and shea butter is one of them. Instead of shea, we use alternative moisturizing oils including castor oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and rice bran oil. Here's why:

Luster & Flexibility

There are a range of moisturizing butters available, but unfortunately shea is one of the heaviest. Shea weighs down hair and causes decreased flexibility in the hair strand, which ultimately leads to a drab mane thatís much more prone to breakage.


Because shea butter is difficult to remove, you'll need a harsher shampoo to remove the build-up youíre used to. Eliminating shea butter from your hair care routine will allow you to finally ditch those harsh products that are ruining your hair.
While shea butter can offer moisturizing benefits to your skin, when applied to hair it creates an occlusive barrier that keeps water and nutrients out. Although your hair will initially look moisturized because of the sheen that shea butter supplies, you'll actually find more frizz and frayed edges in the long run.

Our products use oils that create a natural and lightweight protective barrier around the hair strand without suffocating it or keeping valuable nutrients out. We include humectants like honey and glycerin to help attract moisture from your surroundings, which keeps your hair supple for longer.