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Is Shea Butter good for everyone's hair?

Shea butter has is often promoted as a beneficial hair moisturizer, especially among natural hair wearers who struggle with dryness and frequent breakage. We often hear shea butter touted for its healing and nourishing benefits, but is shea butter right for your hair? We've eliminated a variety of ingredients from our products and shea butter is one of them. Instead of shea butter, we use alternative softening, lubricating and moisturizing butters and oils in our products such as castor oil, olive oil, moringa oil, green tea oil and mango butter. Here's why:

Luster & Flexibility

Out of the range of moisturizing butters available, many of us choose shea butter which can leave our hair feeling stiff and greasy instead of soft and supple. Shea can weigh down hair and cause decreased flexibility in the hair strand, which ultimately leads to a dull, drab mane thatís much more prone to brittleness and breakage.


Because shea butter can leave a waxy film on hair, it can be difficult to remove, requiring a harsher shampoo to remove the build-up. Removing shea butter from your hair care routine will allow you to both avoid the waxy build up and switch to a gentler shampoo or co-wash.

While shea butter can offer moisturizing benefits to your skin, for those of us who have tried shea butter with disappointing results, it creates an occlusive barrier that keeps water and nutrients out. Your hair will initially look moisturized because of the oiliness that shea butter deposits but you'll actually find more frizz and frayed edges in the long run.

The Solution

Qhemet products contain a balanced and effective combination of water, humectants, oils and butters that retain and draw moisture to the hair and lock it in, preventing moisture loss across several days. Qhemet is unique in that we chose to explore ways to keep afro/coily hair hydrated, healthy and vibrant using nourishing, natural ingredients that are more effective than shea butter and yield better short and long term results. So for those of you who wonder why your shea butter products are giving you stiff, waxy hair instead of the luscious mane you expected, you are not alone. We recognize that all afro/coily hair is not the same and that shea butter will not be everyones panacea but rest assured, nature gave us a panoply of moisturizing botanicals to choose from and we've incorporated the most effective ones into Qhemet products!